When it comes to damage to your car, you want it to be attended to quickly and professionally. At ABS Splinter Amsterdam, we do everything within our powers to take your level of inconvenience down to a minimum.

Therefore you will be provided with a replacement vehicle, keeping you mobile and able to do the things you are used to do. In the meantime we repair your damage trustworthily, professionally and swiftly. Even the paperwork with your lease company or insurance company will be dealt with by us. That makes our service excellent and quick!


The ABS Service summarized:

ABS 24/7:
You can report your damage day and night, 7 days a week.

Replacement vehicle:
While we repair the damage to your car, you will be provided with a suitable replacement for your car. You can also use one of our sustainable full electric replacement vehicles.

Replacement bike:
If you work close to home, we can also offer you a sporty bicycle!

Pick up and drop off service:
We pick up your car and, after the repair is finished, we return your car to you.

ABS intake:
We inform you on how we will repair the damage and when your car will be ready.

ABS minor repairs:
Ask for our quick, smart and low-cost solutions for minor damage to bodywork, paint, window, dashboard or upholstery. We are happy to get your car back in pristine order.

Report damage directly

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