ABS Splinter Amsterdam has been repairing car damages since 1958.

Jan Splinter started the first workshop in Landsmeer, but soon enough, it became too small. Therefore the company was moved to the industrial park behind the Stentorstraat in northern Amsterdam. When this location became too small as well, the damage repair company moved to the Compressorstraat in Amsterdam.

Since 2001, the company is located at Computerweg 61 in Amsterdam-Noord. In this futuristic building, our employees are ready for repairing your car for you, always using the latest techniques.

Since 2018, a high-tech damage repair branch was added, at Softwareweg 3 in Amsterdam-Noorde (next toe the All-round damage repair branch).

Since it was founded, the company is owned by the Splinter family. From founder Jan Splinter, it was passed on to his son, daughter and son-in-law. Nowadays, the business is run by Jan's grandson. For all those years, customer-friendliness, service and quality have always been paramount at ABS Splinter Amsterdam

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