Splinter Amsterdam is a trusted repairer for insurance companies, fleet operators, leasing companies, governmental organisations, multiple car dealers and many private individuals.

Because of this status as trusted repairer, the insurance company will entrust us with the damage without any intervention by their own damage adjuster.

The Splinter family have been running the company for three generations. During all these years, Splinter has been taking in account all car brands, and continuously proving themselves to represent craftmanship.

Car damage is repaired quickly and skilfully by a team of expert employees. Using the latest techniques and equipment, they work on both large and small repairs.

We are affiliated with ABS and BOVAG. We are also certified by KIWA for Sustainable Repair.

Customer-friendliness and a perfectly and safely repaired damage are paramount to us.

Sustainable and responsible entrepreneurship
Every single day we try to set the standard for sustainable entrepreneurship.

This has been top of our mind when constructing our new building for high-tech damage repair and we make regular adjustments to our existing work procedures. Our focus on sustainability is also shown in our special attention for electric cars.

Not only are we specialists in repairing damages to electric vehicles, but our fleet of replacement vehicles are mostly hybrid and full-electric. 


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